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  • Oracle Retail

    RMS 14.1, RPM 14.1, REIM 14.1, RIB 14.1

    • featureRetail Management System
    • featureRetail Price Management
    • featureRetail Invoice Matchinge
    • featureRetail Integration Bus
    On-Demand Oracle Retial
  • Consulting

    Our staff has over 15 years of Oracle consulting experience.

    • featureOracle Retail Implementations
    • featureVirtualization
    • featureHigh Availability
    • featureSingle Sign On
  • Services

    Oracle Retail Suite Implementations and supporting FMW software, ODI, OBI, Forms, OAM, IDM, IAM OID and webtier.

    • featureCapacity Planning
    • featureInstallations
    • featureConfiguration
    • featureSupport
  • Virtulization

    OSGD, Exalogic, OVS, OVM, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, Vmware

    • featureExalogic
    • featureOracle Virtual Server
    • feature12c Cloud Controller
    • featureSecure Global Desktop
  • Security

    Active Directory, Identity Management Integration and Authentication.

    • featureActive Directory Integration
    • featureSingle Sign On
    • featureIntentity Management
    • featureOracle Access Manager
  • Model 1
  • Model 2
  • Model 3

XenCloudTech is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our staff has over 15 years of Oracle consulting experience. Our primary focus is providing the infrastructure and environment needs during the implementation phase of Oracle Retail Applications. We strive to deliver such environments to customers in a timely manner.

Xct can deliver a solution from the ground up, from capacity planning to SSO HA solutions.

Xct helps retailers to implement robust architected solutions encompassing a variety of cloud technologies.


Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Oracle Secure Global Access: Provide end users with a standard environment to access retail or fusion middleware applications applications. Integrate SGD with Active Directory and control users access to linux or windows virtual machines.


Virtualization Technologies


Security  Integration

Security: Authenticate your retail applications (or fmw) through Active Directory or Oracle OID, OUD or OVD. Implement SSO utilizing OAM Oracle Access Manager and Webgates. Provision users with Identity Management suite. 


Business  Intelligence

BI: Configure your Bireports with SSO and Active Directory. Move your data from source to target utilizing ODI.  Implement hadoop connectors to mine your Big Data.